Would you like to make your day productive with your Android device? Then go through this List of Top productive apps and install them on your Android.

 productivity apps


 google maps

Google Maps is not just an app which shows you locations. It can guide you to your destination, show nearby ATMs, Hotels, Restaurants, and you can save offline maps too. Download Google Maps App and be more productive.

Robin – The Siri Challenger:

robin app

Robin is a voice assistant for: GPS navigation, local places, information, and communication. As Siri is famous for Apple Devices, Robin is for Android devices. Download your personal voice assistant Robin here.


evernote app

Evernote is a “remember everything, anywhere” based concept app. Store notes, voice recordings, photos, videos, docs, and synchronize them across any device. Download Evernote App on your Android and stay organized.

Remember The Milk:


Remember The Milk is similar to Evernote. You can take notes, add tasks, set reminders, and sync them from anywhere on any device. The reminders and notifications will alert you to get things done on time. Download Remember the Milk for free here.



Springpad is much advanced than Evernote. Whatever task or notes you store on Springpad, it will make it better. This app will collect information from net and organizes the tasks for you. Download and try Springpad on your Android.


 dropbox app

Dropbox is a cloud storage free service. Synchronize your photos, videos, and documents from your Android and access them from anywhere, from any device. Download Dropbox here for free.

Google Drive:

 google drive

Google Drive is yet another cloud storage service, apart from Dropbox. In Google Drive you can store all your files at one place and access them from anywhere. Download free Google Drive App here.

Kingsoft Office:

 kingsoft office

Kingsoft Office is a mobile office app. This app can open any format of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel sheets. This app can integrate with other apps also. Kingsoft Office is free and you can download it here.

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator:


CamScanner app turns your Android device into a scanner. If you want to scan, edit, sync, and share images then CamScanner is the right solution. When you don’t have access to a scanner then use CamScanner by downloading it here.

Universal Password Manager:


Universal Password Manager stores your passwords, usernames, notes, and URLs. All your credentials will be AES encrypted, locked with a universal password. Download Universal Password Manager for free here.

Swiftkey Keyboard:

 swiftkey app

Swiftkey Keyboard is a replacement for your traditional touch keyboard. You just have to swipe the keys you want to type and the app will type it for you. It can adapt according to the user and type swiftly. Download Swiftkey Keyboard here.


pocket app

Pocket is a download and view it later app. Use the Pocket app to mark webpages, photos, and videos that you want to read later offline.  Download Pocket App for free here.


 mint app

Mint.com is a money manager app. You can track savings, expenditures, and your finance accounts using this single app. This app also shows you the spending in the form of graphs or charts. Download Mint.com App and increase your savings.


 Flipboard app

Flipboard is a news app. Store your preferences and the app will find the news and display them for you. You can read your favorite news from your favorite sites using this app. Download Flipboard here.

Business Calendar:

 business calendar

Business Calendar is a Calendar application. You can sync this app with your Google Calendar, note daily tasks, daily agendas, change themes, and link events with contacts. Business Calendar App is paid and available for download here.

These are the top productive apps that we found. If you have any more suggestions to the list, then please add them in your comments below.