Remember the classic Mario video game? Now you can play Mario styled game on your device! Mario Parody is a type of Mario game developed by Hien Nguyen. Though the gameplay is similar to the classic Mario game, it has come with still more new characters, challenges, visual effects to entertain you more.

Mario Parody game

Meet the modern Mario in this game! Though his get up has changed, the gameplay remains the same as that of the traditional Mario game. You have to control the cute little Mario to safely reach his destination. You come across various creatures and other obstacles in your way. Avoid these obstacles and reach your destination to complete each level.

You come across several creatures, which serve as your obstacles. Most of the creatures can be killed by jumping over them, while some creatures only die when you hit with a firing ball. You also find some monsters which can fire you, try to kill them or run as fast as possible to save your life. You also find several coins along your way.

Mario Parody app

The controls are very simple; you will have certain controlling buttons to control your character. When you tap on the up arrow button, you will jump, when you tap on the left and right arrow marks, you move towards left and right respectively. You come across few power-ups as you play the game, these power ups hide in special bricks that are marked with question mark. You will have power ups like a candy, which turns into a big Mario, and a star, which provides you with firing ability, to kill your enemies. Whenever you come across an enemy, you can tap on the bomb button to fire your enemies.

Mario Parody review

Initially you will have only a single unlocked level to play; further level will be unlocked when you complete a level. The graphics are clean and good. As you play the game, you encounter more difficult levels. This game can entertain you to the max. Grab this app and have fun!

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