Microsoft is now merging Outlook and Sunrise Calendar apps to create a high quality, user friendly and better version of Outlook for Android and iOS devices; the first sign of combined result is likely to be out today. Apparently, Microsoft, the leading tech company in the world, is fine-tuning its Outlook app, and improving navigation in the Sunrise Calendar. The merge is one of the biggest updates that Microsoft had ever made. It’s a refined changed, making the two apps not only easier to navigate, but also easy to use.


The developer team has tweaked the Calendar event details to provide users with more details. Although these features won’t be available on Android just yet, Microsoft already has a plan to bring a complete overhaul of the apps with a complete set of Material Design.

Pierre Valade, Microsoft’s Director of product for Outlook, said the company intends to bring the best features of the Sunrise Calendar app to Outlook App for iOS and Android. Pierre further says that the company will discontinue Sunrise at some point in time. But, Microsoft will make sure they bring all the unique features of Sunrise Calendar app to Outlook before the discontinuation. The argument is that, unlike Sunrise, Outlook desktop mobile app has more than 30 million active users, hence the need to bring the calendar app and its feature to Outlook mobile. Soon, Sunrise Calendar app for Android and iOS will disappear.

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