Misfit Wearables Launches Shine Android App

Misfit Wearables has just released its physical activity tracker app Shine on Android platform, landed a bit ahead of schedule. The app, already available on iOS, doesn’t have feature parity with its iOS counterpart, but still encourages users to sync the app with their Shine, create targets and view visual outlines of their progress.


Shine is a smart physical activity monitor that can wirelessly sync with your devices, and the app couples with your Shine activity tracker, allowing you to take the advantage of the app’s functionality.

The Android version mainly includes 3 features: My Shine, Activity Progress, and Sleep.

My Shine feature allows you to create your personal goals. Once you create, the app will offer you credit for activities like swimming, running and so on. Next comes the Activity Progress. This feature lets you launch the app and analyze your current progress and view stats like calories, distance, etc.

Lastly, the Sleep feature allows you monitor how much sleep you are getting as well as how much of the sleep time is considered as deep/light sleep.

The company reports that the app is only compatible with Android devices that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and run on Android version 4.2 and above.

Android users can download the Shine app from the link given below.

Shine download link for Android (free)

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  1. Rose

    first dose shine track bowling can not find? Very disappointed in introductions . We’re do u find food track. I think u need to improve this device.


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