Nanu for Android lets users make free calls on 2G network

Nanu is the name given to the latest Android application which has made its entry onto the app store. This new app joins the league of the many free phone call making apps such as Viber, Skype and FaceTime etc. but this one comes with a difference.

Nanu Android app

Nanu for Android works on 2G network as well! Yes, can make free calls on the 2G network and even to those who do not have this app installed on their devices.  The only limitation here is that if you call a device which does not have Nanu installed, then the call duration will be limited to only 15 minutes.  Users might be wondering how Nanu sponsors these free phone calls. The answer is simple-advertisements.  Nanu plays advertisements while users wait for the recipient to answer the call.

At the moment, the app does not support third party advertisements.  Nanu also supports calls to landline numbers in about 41 countries and mobile phones in a total of 9 countries. The company said that they are interested in expanding the number of countries and also the number of platforms on which this service is provided.

Nanu Download for Android App (free)

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