Even in the age where smartphones are main devices for communication, we still have a number of businesses and people who still use landline telephones. Maybe you haven’t used one for a long time yourself, but there are people and businesses who still find landline telephones quite useful. Unfortunately, sending and receiving text messages with a landline was impossible. But, AT&T Inc., an American Multinational Communication Corporation, founded by Bell Telephone Company, has updated its Android app to enable sending and receiving text messages from landline telephones.

The latest update of the AT&T Android app makes it one of the best texts messaging service for landline telephone owners. However, the app is meant for those customers who don’t mind paying extra to send and receive message from their landline telephone networks. The costs are flexible; you only pay $10 for 100 messages per month and $25 for unlimited text messaging service every month.

AT&T Landline Texting

Although the app is perfect for sending and receiving messages from landline telephones, it doesn’t have advanced features just yet. So, don’t expect the app to have features like a call function, auto replies and scheduled texts just yet. Maybe the Company has a plan to introduce them in future. We aren’t sure whether these features will be introduced one at a time in future updates, so ours is just an assumption.

AT&T Landline Texting App Download for Android