Facebook Inc. has updated its Android app severally in the first quarter of 2016. The live video streaming feature that now lives inside the app was one of the biggest updates the company has ever made. The ability to stream live videos was embraced by the app’s use base from the moment it was rolled out to Android devices. Two months aren’t even gone, and the company has added a number of unique features to the app.

From today, Facebook live streaming will not only available to personal accounts, but also groups and events. So, if you have ever wanted to broadcast to people in your group or an event, update your Facebook Android app, and start enjoying the live streaming features in groups and events. Live Reaction is an additional feature coming with the new update. Live Reaction will enable users to express how they feel about a live broadcast in real time.


Live Reaction will enable users to send Haha, Love, Angry, Sad or Wow emoticons, the same way they react to feeds. Live Reaction will help the live broadcasters to understand how viewers feel at different parts (points) in their live broadcast. Facebook Live and Facebook Live Reaction will make interaction with families and friends through Facebook fun than before.

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