Mentions, a live streaming app for Facebook  was only available for iPhone Operating System users, which means that for a long time, Android app users were  left out of the loop. Luckily, though, Facebook built and released  the same app  for Android users, so all Android users can now enjoy video live streaming.  Don’t get too happy about this new release just yet, because, unlike other Facebook apps, Mentions can be used by only Facebook verified users.

This means that the general public  is still actually left out as far as enjoying the app and its live streaming features is concerned. Verified users have a blue badge on their accounts, which means that one must have the badge to be a verified member.

Facebook Mentions

Everyone is left asking one question as far as this app is concerned: what has the company done to help those who are not verified members? The company, actually, already figured this out, and they made it possible for the non-verified members (general public) to register for account verification. Too many people have already applied, so you should also register to get your account verified if you want to enjoy Mentions, Facebook’s live streaming app.

Apparently, Facebook is making the necessary arrangements to have fan pages verify their accounts. We are not sure what the company is doing about group pages just yet as far as this app is concerned, but, hopefully, we will find out soon enough.

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