Pip-Boy, a Fallout 4 App Launched for Android and iOS

Pip-Boy, a Fallout 4 companion app is now available on Google Play and iTunes App Store. The app plays an important role in the Fallout series gameplay; it will serve as settings menu and persistence status screen. Pip-Boy comes with a number of mini games accessible only in Fallout 4. According to the developers, Fallout 4 players can access the mini games by collecting holotapes featured only in Fallout 4.

Fallout Pip Boy

Although already released to app stores, Bethesda says it will continue to work on the Pin-Boy by adding clever functionality to make it a better app for users. The company is currently working on an app that will enable Pin-Boy users to connect to Fallout 4, and this will enable Fallout 4 players to connect to Pin-Boy and access the mini games with ease.

Pip-Boy app is capable of playing majority of the retro-style holotape games. Atomic command, which is a game available for free, is one of the best examples of retro-style holotape games that comes with Pip-Boy. It is important to note that this app still works perfect even without fancy editions; this means you have the ability to pick starting perks that best suits your character.

You can download the app from Google Play Store for Android and iTunes App Store for iOS today.

Fallout Pip-Boy App Download for Android

Fallout Pip-Boy App Download for IOS

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