Google Inc. has yet again update Gmail app for Android Smartphones, this time allowing support for Microsoft Exchange within the app. While this feature has, actually, always been there, it only worked on Nexus devices. The company itself approved that Microsoft Exchange support was only supported on Nexus devices. But things have changed. From today, the new update brings the same support to all Android devices.

Exchange Server has a history of its own kind. It was started as an internal mail server at Microsoft, but, later, it was released to the public. But the service was discontinued to give way to Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Exchange initially supported a protocol called MAPI, but added other protocols like SMTP, IMAP and POP3. But even after discontinuation, no one could deny that Exchange remains a standard for calendars, contacts and work related emails, which is exactly why Google decided to support it.

Now that the feature has been added to Gmail app for Android, users can now use the service to get their contacts, calendars and work emails straight right from their Android devices. The updated app is currently available for download in Google Play Store. If your app is not up to date, head straight to the app store and update this best top app for communication for free.

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