Webmasters love Google Analytics. Developed to help web experts access their websites and apps reporting from their mobile devices, Google Analytics enhances convenience and free data mobility in a way personal computers can’t. In other words, use the app to get your analytics data wherever you go, anytime. Here is the most interesting part; Google Analytics now gets a complete makeover.

The possibility that people spend a lot of time on phone than on computers is the actual reason for developing apps that emulate the browser version, and the same case applies to Google Analytics. Now that the app has been improved, you will definitely spend a lot of time using this app.

Google Analytics

The art of material design is, clearly, evident in the new makeover. If you are keen to detail, you will realize that Google Inc. has not only changed the icons for this app, but also now use blue, orange, black and white as the only primary colors. As with any website or mobile app, red has been used to show a decrease in units or amount. Google Analytics for Android uses this color for the exact same purpose.

Google Analytics App Download for Android