Although Microsoft Corporation purchased Swiftkey some months back, the company decided to create an Android Keyboard of its own. The name of the app is Hub Keyboard, and it isn’t like the many keyboard apps you might have downloaded from Google Play Store in the past. Hub Keyboard is unique. It gives you quick access to translation tools, personal contacts, local clipboard and all your office files.

There is a small bar sitting on the top of the keyboard. This bar lets you grab any information from your Android smartphone so that you won’t have to hop to another app to find content or data. For example, if you want to insert the name of a friend in the document you are currently working on, tap the contact button; this will open your contact list where you can pick the name and the phone number of the person in question.

Hub Keyboard

The apps takes away the pain of switching between apps to complete your routine, which means that Microsoft’s main objective of creating this app was to make work easier for every Android smartphone user. The app is still new, and Microsoft wants to hear what you think about the app.

Hub Keyboard App Download for Android