Kickstarter has always been a home to everyone who want to bring their projects to life. For a long time now, Kickstarter has helped its user base to browse and back projects, but this was only possible on the web. The company today released its first Android app, which will enable users to browse and back projects using their Android smart devices. Kickstarter for Android will enable you to explore thousands of creative projects, see what your friends are backing and discover and pledge to projects.

Kickstarter for Android has a number of unique features, built to support your spotlighting campaigns. And one of these features is the activity feeds, which combines different updates on projects backed up by users as well as friends. The activity feed also makes it possible to track updates of all projects that you have backed. According to the company, the main objective of introducing this app is to capitalize on the expansion of the app, particularly in Europe region where Android has a wide market that iPhone Operating System.


At this time, however, Kickstarter for Android has one drawback: project managers are not able to manage their project campaigns using this app just yet. This is somewhat understandable, particularly because this is the first version of Android Operating System app launched by the company. According to sources, though, the company promises that it will include this feature in the app as soon as possible.

Kickstarter App Download for Android