Kore 2.0 Android App for Kodi Arrives in Google Play Store

Kore, an Android app used to control Koji Media hub, has been tweaked and improved to enable you control your media with ease and efficiency. Koji is a simple, beautiful and easy to use Android App remote control that helps you to control your media center. You can change, synchronize and download subtitles, manage your playlists, view your media library, switch between different audio, and view your movies, TV shows and music library.

Synced Synapse, Kore’s developer, has put a lot of work on Kore 2.0 for Android, improving the user interface and introducing new features to make the app juicy, rich and fruitful. According to Kodi TV’s website, developers, who aren’t members of the Synched Synapse, also joined Synched Synapse team to help make the app better.


Kore 2.0 for Android comes to Google Play Store with a number of rich and interesting features, one of which is the ability to run add-ons straight from your Android Smartphone without necessarily having to go through the Interface of Kodi media hub. Also, you can send YouTube videos straight to Kodi Media hub using Kore 2.0 app for Android. Additionally, the developer team has added directional keys to help control video playback.

Kore App Download for Android

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