Lock Screen Replacement App Launched By Microsoft for Android

Picturesque Lock Screen is a recent release from Microsoft for Android. The app not only comes with handy app shortcuts, useful functions but also has beautiful images for locking your Android Smart Phone’s Screen. The Picturesque Lock Screen is not just a home screen. It is a second home screen users will find more interactive and convenient for their handheld device.

Picturesque Lock Screen

With this app, users will be able to choose their own type of screen, customize new feed, and add the Bing search bar on the screen. The benefits of the app include the ability to access notifications quickly, an instant access to settings through the toggle function, weather reports and shortcuts to apps that one uses frequently.

While Picturesque App looks just great on its own, it will be more useful for people who already have widgets and shortcuts loaded on their home screens. This app is surely a locks screen that you will love. Almost all the data widget will update frequently, a clear impression that your Smart Phone’s widget data will always be up to date. The app is great for business users, and will prove useful for those to whom calendar is part of a “cannot do without need”.

Picturesque Lock Screen App Download for Android 

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