For many of us, doing business online would be impossible if PayPal were not there. Known as the world’s leading solution for sending and receiving payments in more than 180 countries, PayPal plays the biggest role in online market in a way other similar services never can. PayPal created iOS and Android to enable its user base to send and receive payments through their mobile devices. The company revamped the two apps to improve user experience, and to make it easier for everyone to manage money on smartphone devices.

The new PayPal app for iOS and Android has a friendly user interface, making the app fun and easy to use. The home screen has been completely revamped; it features your account balance, buttons for sending and requesting payments and an option to access your transaction details. The new PayPal app for Android and iOS also enable users to make in-store payment.

In addition, you can access store loyalty cards if you use the app to make payment for purchases in store where PayPal payments are accepted. The app now has a personalized page, a page to which you can add contact information of people to whom you frequently send money.

Download the app for free and start sending money using your iOS or Android smartphone.

PayPal App Download for Android

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