Even if you don’t use Pinterest daily, you must agree that it’s a robust tool built to help millions of people to discover and save creative ideas. Hundreds of thousands of people use the app to plan travel, search recipes, discover their design patterns, collect new project ideas and do more. To make the app even more enjoyable to use, and to enhance user experience, Pinterest for iOS has been updated and the new updates are available in iTunes App Stores.

Actually, the app has been revamped; the old design layout has been replaced with a new layout. What’s more is that the new layout looks dope; there is a sharper focus on content and easy readability. The simplicity of the new layout will make it easy to use, and now the app loads content faster in a way the old version of the app never could.

Pinterest App

Performance has also been improved. Speed of content load is quite fascinating; you will notice that text and images now loads three times faster than in the previous version of Pinterest iOS. Enhanced performance is a feature every person expects from a top app, and Pinterest now meets this standard for sure.

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