Use Qus for Android to Stream Music & Listen to Your Friends in Real Time

Since inception, Google Play Store didn’t have an app that could let you stream music from different platforms. YouTube lovers, SoundCloud fans and Spotify loyalists had to download each of these apps to stream and listen to music. Things are different now. Qus, a new app in Google Play Store, lets you stream music from a combination of different sources, including SoundCloud, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

A single music search using Qus will return instant results from your favorite music sources. Additional features include recommended music and unique playlists. What’s more is that you can discover new music app by listening to people who listen to the music you love. While the app is free to download and easy and free to use, a paid subscription is required for those using Spotify and Deezer.

The app is picking up well. And given the fact that this is a new app in Google Play Store, negative reviews are expected, particularly because Qus has bugs that the developers need to address. In any case, though, irrespective of the few negative reviews in Google Play Store, Qus is an amazing app that will definitely become popular among music lovers.

Qus-Listen with friends App Download for Android

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