Slide for Reddit is a fast and secure open source browser. It features full material design specs, wiki support, shadow box mode and customizable grid User Interface. The Android App is not only free to download in Google Play Store, but also it is open sourced on Github. Slide for Reddit doesn’t have any ads. It is lightweight, and it comes with a UX that works perfect. The new changes made on Slide for Reddit makes the app even more interesting to use; it now supports search, data caching, offline mode and image card mode. Also, users have the ability to edit and delete comments.

You will also notice that the new Slide for Reddit app for Android is fast compared to previous version. It is cached for less data use and fast data retrieval. The startup time, sidebar and toolbar have also been perfectly optimized.

Reddit Android App

Note that the app is still in its beta version, which means you might notice a number bugs and system errors. However, developers are still working on the app. So, they should squash all the bucks and errors from the app soon. It will be helpful if you share any noticeable app error to the Reddit community, or you can share your personal review on the same in Google Play Store.

Slide for Reddit App Download for Android