The latest Snapchat update makes the app even more interesting. Snapchat has always made living in the moment possible, no wonder the app continues to garner interest from different people and expanding its user base every month. Today, the company announced a new update that would bring Animated Emoji 3D stickers to iOS and Android. You can apply these stickers on video, or attach them to whatever document you choose. Be rest assured that the stickers will remain pinned to whatever you have attached them to.

Animated Emoji 3D stickers had already been developed in-house, but the company chose not to integrate it to the app during the time of development. Things are different now. The feature is finally available in the latest app, so head straight to Google Play Store and download the app for free.

Snapchat App Download

Unfortunately, though, this feature isn’t available to those with iOS smartphones, and we are not quite sure about Snapchat’s plan for iPhone smartphone users. Snapchat makes life fun. So, if you have never snapped before, this would be the best time to start happy snapping. Use this app to save your messages using your camera, or by taking a screenshot. However, be mindful of what you snap and share with friends and everyone else.

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