Flappy Bird’s creator has come out with the launch of a new game which is called Swing Copters. If you play this game, you will soon realize that the same mind who designed Flappy Birds has designed this one as well.  Many visual elements and the sounds remind you of the previous game from the creator.

Swing Copters is a one touch game which begins by tapping on the screen and proceeds forward with single taps that affect the movement of your character.  The game works on a similar theme but here the pipes are missing and have been replaced by girders, hammers and other things.  When you tap, the character jumps but if it touches any one of the obstacles then the game is over.  This is the basic theme of the game and the result totally depends on how well you manage the movements with the tap.

Swing Copters can be considered as the vertical Flappy Bird where the gaps in between the girders come at different points.  Getting the timing right in this game might seem a little tough and getting a score even close to 10 may take time, atleast initially.  The game is free on both iOS and Android app store.