Twitter Inc often updates its iOS and Android app to enhance user interaction, boost app performance and improve user experience. The company has updated the app to give you one more option to respond to tweets. The developer team has added a direct messaging button to tweets to enable you share the tweets that you love privately. The company’s aim is to make conversation richer in direct messages.

From this point forward, you will be able to share unique tweets on your timeline into your private conversation. Twitter added this feature after noticing the growth rate of private messaging. The company noted that Twitter users shared more and more tweets privately each year. Last year alone, the number of messages exchanged via Twitter was 60% more than in 2014. In addition, the number of tweets shared privately grew faster, at the rate of 200%, in the last 6 months of the year 2015.

The direct message button will, therefore, be of great significance to Twitter’s user base. We will see more people use this button to share posts they find interesting with friends, colleagues and their significant others. The feature will also help you connect with a group of people. And if you run a business, this will be a unique strategy to help you reach targeted people via Twitter.

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