Universal Music Player a Google Android App Working on Different Devices

Google has released a new Android app, the Universal Music Player, which works on different devices. The simple app works on Android Wear, Smart Phones, Tablets, Android Wear and Google Cast devices. That this app is a simple one is quite a great concept, which will help app developers to learn how to develop their applications in a way that makes the future apps work across various form factors.


The simplicity factor of this app explains why Google decided not to publish the Universal Music Player for Android on Google Play. The app is available on GitHub, so developers can access the app freely and learn how they can adapt their apps accordingly. The Google release’s main objective is to help developers learn, know and understand how they can provide a consistent user experience across different Android devices.

The functioning app is not just a perfect example because it works on different Android devices. The best thing is that it does so using a simple, single codebase. The app works on Android 5.0, the latest release of the mobile OS update by Google, commonly known as the Lollipop. Developers will now be able to use the new development approach to enhance user experience, no matter the type of device they are using.

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