WhatsApp Messenger is probably the most frequently updated app in Google Play Store and iTunes. The Telegram links update was a few months back, and the ability to send PDF files was introduced barely a month ago. In addition, the Settings Screen update was just one week ago. And if these updates have not got your attention what about the save media option and the text formatting features added in the current update?

The iOS app has been tweaked to enable WhatsApp for iPhone smartphone users to save media for specific conversations – the conversations can be from a specific contact or groups. This update gives you the full control on media files to save. You can save media files only from the contacts or groups that you like.

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This feature will give you full control over what you save in your phone. In addition, the Save Media Option feature will help save you phone memory. The in-app notification has also been introduced in the app, and this means you can reply text without opening the chat window. The missed calls notifications have been moved; they will now be showing in the chat menu. Also, you can now send PDF documents to your contacts using WhatsApp for iOS.

Text formatting feature has been introduced on Android. You can make text bold and italic. To make a text, put it in between two stars. And to make text italic, put text between two underscores.

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