Yahoo revamps its iOS and Android App to Give Accurate Focus on Video and News Content

The New Year is still young, and something new, and perhaps just a little bit interesting, is happening at Yahoo. It has been a while since Yahoo ever worked made any major updates on its iOS and Android apps. Today mark a second new beginning for Yahoo app; the company has completely revamped the app, for both iPhone and Android Operating System, to give and done its best to give more focus on video content as well as news articles.

Although Yahoo’s focus has always been on news, the company felt that the app wasn’t delivering a better mobile experience to its user base. This explains the reason why Yahoo decided to go ahead and revamp its app for both Android and iOS smartphones. Generally, the company’s focus has always been on news, and it’s turning its news section into an appropriate network to make it easier for its users to discover news and engaging stories.

Yahoo Mail

Users can now access comments in different news threads. The comment section also has an improved input form for readers to put forth their own comments. Yahoo’s news algorithm tailors stories according to the category of news users tap on, and the news network provides something interesting to read on a daily basis.

Yahoo Mail App Download for Android

Yahoo Mail App Download for IOS

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