Office Remote for Android Released to Play Store by Microsoft Company

Heard of the new Microsoft’s app, which has become a buzz in Google Play Store? Office Remote is new to Google Play Store, but just its name is big enough to make you think it has been among the many Android Apps for long. Do not worry if you cannot remember the last day your Smart Phone was good enough for creating powerful PowerPoint presentation or Excel Pivot Tables.

The Remote Office changes that. It takes the exact Microsoft Office’s Desktop features form the PC to your phone, turning your Android Smart Phone into a powerful command device, which takes away the need of spending time your Personal Computer.

Office Remote for Android

The ability to use your fingers to move a virtual later pointer on the host computer is the most intriguing feature of this release. With Remote app, you can create powerful PowerPoint presentation, the same way you would on your laptop or Desktop System. You can also create and manipulate Excel tables the same way you usually would on your personal computer.

Unlike other apps that try to compete with other Microsoft products in the Android Market, the Office Remote is one such app that will be quite difficult to replicate, at least not soon.

Office Remote Download for Android

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