Every day brings with it a new messaging app into the smart phone world. Having said that, we realize that the newest messenger app on the block PingMe stands out from the crowd. Though the app was actually released a while ago, its latest version launched by RadiumOne is packed with interesting features which no other messenger app is currently offering. The main feature that strikes the user when experiencing the app is the lovely user interface.

ping me

Here are some other features that make the latest version of PingMe messenger worthy of applause:

Geo-Location People Discovery

PingMe app runs on the basic format of discovering people, asking questions and connecting with friends. In addition to the regular features such as delivery reports, status updates and group chat the app also boasts of easy registration and geo-location tracker.

The Geo-Location tracker is a feature that enables its user to track PingMe contacts on a map. Facebook and Twitter contacts can be invited to join this app. This is useful when one wants to know where the contact is located before pinging him/her.

Link to Interesting People

The main feature of PingMe app that sets it aside from the rest is that it allows the users to discover other users of the app who have similar interests and connect with them. It allows for a different kind of social networking where you add new people who share your interests and activities.

Instant Advice

Through PingMe app the user can ask questions and get feedback instantly from all the contacts and other users using the app.

Customized Newsfeed

PingMe gives the user the option of customizing newsfeed by filtering the content flowing into the account from contacts and the community. Using this option only those feeds that fall in the select categories will be displayed saving much of the user’s time.

Sharing Content

Content sharing like videos, jokes and posters is an easy task that can be done instantly. The user can also choose from over 100 emoticons.Sharing content on social networking has never been so much fun.

Bulk Messaging

Messaging groups has never been so easy. Organizing contacts in specific folders and then messaging them together for impromptu party invites becomes a cake walk with this app.

Instant Notifications

With PingMe’s instant notification feature the user gets notified of a new message even when the app is closed.

In short, PingMe is an app that lets you connect to people from diverse lands and cultures and gives you access not just through your phone but also through the desktop.

Check this site for more info: pingme.net