For all of those who were deeply saddened when Flappy Bird was taken off the apps stores, there’s good news! Yes, this popular and addictive gaming app is all set to make its big re-entry into the app stores. The creator of this app, Dong Nguyen has decided to launch a multiplayer version of this app in August.

Flappy Bird App

Flappy bird was taken down by Nguyen because he thought that people were getting a little too addicted to it.  But in recent interview, it was revealed that the app was set to make a comeback.  When the app was taken off, many people were surprised because this game was fetching the creator close to $50000 per day through ads. The news disappointed and angered so many fans that Dong even received death threats and phones preinstalled with this game were getting sold for much more than their actual price.

This game surely created a lot of buzz and now that it is going to be back again, one can only imagine the kind of reception that it is accepted to receive.  The multiplayer version will be interesting to play and we can only wait and watch how addictive does this one gets.

Flappy Bird Game Download Link for android (free)