Facebook has come out with a new and free mobile app for its Group feature.  This is an app which makes it easy for users to create and interact with different communities and groups on the site.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups app is designed in such a way that it makes accessing of Groups easier from a mobile device.  This means that users will no longer have to dig through the Facebook app to reach the groups and begin interactions.  The new and existing groups will now become easier to manage and the discovery of new groups will also get much simpler and less time consuming.  Infact users can also create a shortcut to their favorite group on their phone’s home screen for even easier access.

Facebook Groups app is one of the many attempts of Facebook to make functioning easy for users.  This app is meant for all those who are active on Facebook Groups and require an easy to use and access solution to participate in discussions, forums, commenting and posting.   Unlike several apps, users won’t be required to use the app alone to access group but will also be able to log on to them through the website as well.

Facebook Groups app Download for Android

Facebook Groups app Download for ios