Snapchat has come out with a new feature for its app and this feature is known as Snapcash.  This feature has been launched on iOS platform but will soon be introduced for other platforms as well.


Snapcash on Snapchat is a feature using which one can send money to their friends by connecting the debit card to their Snapchat accounts.  The debit card can be connected through a partnership with Square Cash.  To give Snapchat a better idea of who you are the names, addresses and the account information associated with the debit card can also be cross referenced. This also makes it easy for the app to know what ads you might want to see.

What is interesting to know about this app feature is that while it has been made available on iOS, the Snapchat code will be buried in the Android app. This means that Snapchat can run verifications on Snapcash user’s full names, social security numbers and birthdays etc.  The code gets connected to Square Cash Servers and fires up if someone attempts to send a total of more than $250 per week.

Snapcash on Snapchat Download for Android

Snapcash on Snapchat Download for ios