Google Play has just welcomed the latest app for all Android device users and this app is called Sunrise Calendar.  This app is basically a free calendar which has been made from Google Calendar and has been rated at 4.2 stars on the Google Play store.

Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise Calendar is not just an app but an experience which will make your day to day life much simpler and is meant to be used on an everyday basis to gain the maximum benefit out of it.  With this app, you get a complete 365 day calendar, divided on the basis of months. Each month has all the dates and days of the month against which you can add your upcoming events and to-do notes. This application from Google Play is an easy way to set reminders, fix meetings and also decide your schedule your entire year or month in advance.

Sunrise Calendar has been recently added to the Android app store and has received decent reviews and reception so far. We can only wait and watch how well this app goes with users. Till then, download it for free from Google Play store and compartmentalize and manage your life.

Sunrise Calender Download For Android App (free)