Terry Cavanagh has now launched super hexagon gaming App for Android users after it was successful among the iOS users that was launched few weeks ago. More than 10,000 copies were downloaded in first three days by the iOS gamers.

The game involves a combination of 8-bit vector visuals with a simple and addictive game play. While playing the game you find a small triangle that oscillates in orbit around the geometric planet that is situated at the centre of screen.

Super hexagon App

 It’s an pure skill based game and players have to just rotate a small triangle around the centre of screen without touching the ends of the screen. At initial level, the shape will be of hexagon and suddenly it gets changed to pentagon, square and back to hexagon shape.

Super hexagon Android App

 The entire game screen is fluctuated with stunning music tracks that totally bumps the players. The triangle gets spinned even some times by changing the direction or it gets distorted by making the screen deceptively small and making it difficult for the players.

The main intention of the game is to test the reflexes of players with simple touch controls.

Players can download this App from Google play store for $ 3.15.

Open the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.distractionware.superhexagon&feature=top-new-paid to download the App.