Smartphone and tablets have changed the way the world lives, works, perform tasks and even communicates. Smartphone technology has in many ways made life simpler, much easier and definitely made tasks quicker to perform. But all of this is not just the result of the basic features on these devices such as making calls and sending texts.

A lot of things that we do using Smartphones these days are through the apps that can be downloaded on them and same is true for Android devices as well. The highlight point of most Android phones and tablets is the numerous apps that users can download and use in the day to day life.

Android apps can actually be used to organize your life, perform and manage tasks, and also do them in the right order! Yes, we are talking about the To-Do list applications.  To-Do list apps are those kinds of applications which allow users to list down all the pending tasks that they need to accomplish or perform. These apps not just help in creating lists but also enable adding several other features like alarms, marking completion of certain tasks and doing much more.

There are so many such apps present on the Android app store that it can become difficult to choose the best ones. So for your reference and help, we have listed down the top to-do list apps for Android devices. These apps are listed purely on the basis of their rating, reviews and also the customer comments.

Todoist: To-Do List, Task List


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Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks


Download App Task List & To-do List

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2Do: To do List | Task List

2Do-To-do-List App

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GTasks: Todo List & Task List


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Due Today Tasks & To-do List


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Remember The Milk


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GQueues | Tasks & To-Do Lists


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Task List


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Todo List – Tasks N Todo’s

Todo-List App

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To Do List


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