The Three Effective App Locks in Android Phones

Nothing seems to work out properly for an individual without a phone. Actually, the level of dependency over a smartphone has increased over time.  Any kind of activity can be easily performed with the assistance of an Android phone.

An android phone can be called as a multidimensional device.  It can be transformed into anything within a second. A communication medium, a medium for cinema and also a medium for taking photos, such credentials have made it the most demanding and a productive device, which controls human lives in almost every ways

At one time it was either a plain diary or a digital diary which use to keep all the official or personal information safe but now people trust a smartphone as a better security device for storing details.

Every smart phone has introduced a lock system for its users. It’s called Finger locking system.  This particular App locks a phone and keeps information safe and secured.  The lock can either be opened through a password or by finger touch.  More or less in all the smartphones the finger touch set up is more prominent as it provides a better wall of security.

The 3 Best Lock App Using Fingerprint in Android are:

The Apps which will be discussed are available in Goggle Play Store. One can download it and use it for a better safety.

App Locker



This App works best in every Android Phone.  The Applications helps in locking every other apps or messaging device either through password or by fingerprint censor.  IT helps an individual to keep all their documents and other important applications safe from different hands who might use the phone. The App after downloading it from the Play store needs to be installed and thereafter the setting needs to be done.  Every kind of application be it games or communication vehicles like ‘Whats App’ and ‘messenger’ can be locked completely by using this application. The password can be changed at anytime, making it a user free application.  There is also a system of automatic lock. The app automatically locks up the various other applications within a particular duration of time. This particular App also works with the same performance, even if the phone gets affected by any malfunctioning objects like virus.  It often happens that after a virus attack, a phone gets hampered from every angle but this application works without any damage. The protection for the App remains the same. This application can only work smoothly in the latest version of Android Marshmallow.  To get this app working in phone, one needs to upgrade his android to the latest version.

Finger security App



This is another Application which also protects an android phone from any unauthorized access.  This app specially works on fingerprint sensor.  Other than this, an individual can also set timeout for short switching between Apps. This particular Application also protects notification of protected Apps. All the notifications that are received from various Apps are protected with the help of this particular application. Another interesting feature of this Application is the creation of backup password. It often happens that an App gets locked at the time of opening due to wrong attempts. There is a provision for backup password to help in opening the App.  The App is only available in an Android phone and the fingerprint censor can only work if the phone has got a finger lock system.

App Lock



Finger print unlocks- This is also a useful App which protects the phone by finger print.  The best feature of this particular application is that in course of time, the app takes a photo of an individual who wants to open your phone and mail it to you.  This particular feature has made this App, the most popular among many android users.  Another interesting feature of this Application is the automatic App lock.  When the device screen gets off, the app automatically locks up all the other applications as per the time which gets set.

The security threat in the recent times has become the most menacing problem in Android Phone.  To get protected from every type of threat, one must download any three of the above App from Google Play store.  The apps are actually productive and protects from every threat.

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