Looking for cover photos to upload on your Facebook timeline? Here is a list of best Facebook Cover Photos App for Android.

cover photo fb

FirstCovers – Facebook covers:

first covers android app

First Covers app is an app to set cover photo for your Facebook timeline. The images are updated daily and you can search for 1000’s of Facebook covers in this app. Download FirstCovers app for free here.

Cover Shooter for Facebook:

facebook cover shooter

Cover Shooter for Facebook is an app to capture cover photos for Facebook instantly. Click a photo, preview it, and then upload it to your timeline using this app. Download Cover Shooter for Facebook free here.

CoverPro Design Facebook Cover:

coverpro design

CoverPro design Facebook Cover is a cover photo designer for Facebook. You can design your Facebook cover images using this app. You can add colors, text, pictures, and customize it according to your choice. Download CoverPro Design Facebook Cover App here.

Cover Photos for Facebook:

cover photos for facebook

Cover Photos for Facebook is an Android app to select cover photos for Facebook profile. The cover photos are uploaded under different categories. Use and download the cover photos on your Android. Download Cover Photos For Facebook app here.

Timeline Profile Picture Maker:

timeline profile picture maker android

Timeline Profile Picture Maker is an app to change your cover photos of Facebook. This app provides high quality cover photos for your Facebook timeline. Download your favorite photos from the app and upload them to Facebook. The app is available for download here.

These are the best apps we found to upload cover photos to Facebook. If you find more interesting apps, then let us know in the comments below.