It’s very important for a pregnant woman to stay healthy, as she has to be careful with the growing baby in her womb. During this particular period of time women need to have regular checkups with their doctors to make sure that she is pregnant, as there can be a lot of other reasons for a woman to miss her period.

It might be hard at times proceed with checkups. Here are few apps that will keep you updated with the symptoms of pregnancy, baby growth and other pregnancy details.

MyDays X – Period & Ovulation

It’s one of best apps in the android market and used by a lot of women all around the world. It helps you in keeping track of your periods and it can estimate a date for ovulation. It’s very useful when you want to be sure. It gives you the additional information before you see a doctor.

MyDays X - Period & Ovulation

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OvuView: Ovulation & Fertility

This app keeps a track of your periods, predicts the dates for ovulation and fertility.  It provides all the important information you need if you are planning to get pregnant and gives you the list of symptoms so that you can be sure of it. It’s one of the highly recommended apps.

OvuView: Ovulation & Fertility

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Period Calendar / Tracker

Period Calendar app can sync all your health information from your email id and SD card. It helps you keep track of your cycle and a facility to customize your personal period length.

It has a colorful and a smooth interface which also include smiles. It also provides a list of symptoms, so that you can be sure if you are pregnant.

Period Calendar / Tracker

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WomanLog Calendar

This app has an option for you to choose any language you like as it supports close to 30 languages. So people who can’t understand English can select the language they want to. This is the key feature for this particular app, as most of the fertility apps don’t have this feature.

WomanLog Calendar

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My Days – Period & Ovulation ™

It has almost the same features as other apps, but it has some added features like multi user, personal info on birth control, you can choose any color you want to for your interface and it keeps a track of all the emails between you and your doctor.

My Days - Period & Ovulation ™

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I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

Another good app if you want to be sure of pregnancy. This app will give you a head start before you consult a doctor. It keeps you updated with the changes in your body and also updates you with the baby growth.

It has all the information you need regarding your diet and helps you eat right. It has a good interface and it can show you the size of your baby on your screen.

I’m Expecting - Pregnancy App

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Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad)

Period Tracker Pro is a paid app. It has all the features like period and fertility tracker. It has few good features like social networking with all the other women around the world. It not only provides the information about pregnancy but also gives the beauty tips.

Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad)

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