Locking the screen of the mobile is important to keep it safe from various kinds of threat. But just keeping it locked is not enough. There are a number of other creative things which can be done with screen lock. These things are useful and also helpful. There are various kinds of screen lock applications which are available in the market for different software. Some of the popular screen lock apps have been mentioned below.

GO Locker

GO Locker-Android Lock Screen App GO Locker-Android Lock Screen App

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Go locker is a stylish screen locker. It has more than fifty million downloads in its kitty, two hundred and thirty thousand reviews and a 4.4 star rating. You can reach the messages, phone call logs and even control the settings of the music player from the lock screen. It displays the current conditions of weather along with the live animated effects.

MagicLocker Main

MagicLocker Main-Android Lock Screen App MagicLocker Main-Android Lock Screen App

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It is a colorful and a very simple screen lock app which has been designed exclusively for android. It possesses a number of screen lock themes which will match the style and trend of the modern day and make your mobile phone look very different.

The features of this smart app include shortcut customization, more theme customization, and activation of the phone, messaging, camera and various other short cuts directly from the screen lock. There is screen lock security and the app also supports customized wallpapers, date formats, etc.

Lock Screen

Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App  Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App

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You just need to touch the icon for locking the screen and completely liberate the on/ off button.

Screen Off and Lock

Screen Off and Lock-Android Lock Screen App  Screen Off and Lock-Android Lock Screen App

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Screen off and lock allows the users for switching off their devices from launcher shortcuts, notifications, floating buttons over all the apps, search buttons, etc. The additional features of the app include screen off animator, screen lock and unlock sound effects and screen off vibrations.

Fingerprint Screen Lock

Fingerprint Screen Lock-Android Lock Screen App  Fingerprint Screen Lock-Android Lock Screen App

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Fingerprint lock screen is a wonderful finger-print screen lock application for your mobile phone which can be used for locking the home screen. You can get the best customized finger-print lock scanner which helps in locking the screen. There are six different themes to be chosen from.

Active lock screen

Active lock screen-Android Lock Screen App  Active lock screen-Android Lock Screen App

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Active lock screen allows fast and easy access to the most favorite applications along with personalized features for the Android devices.The most favorite applications, the new contacts, the Photo gallery, are all available just a click away. It has a number of appetizers and themes to be downloaded which let you go through the social feeds on the home screen. After the installation has been done, you may use just a simple swipe for unlocking the device.

You can also call the favorite contacts, recent call logs and open the dialer of the phone. Viewing and accessing the personalized picture gallery is also possible while the device is locked. You can launch the recent apps as well as the pre-defined applications. Streaming the social updates on the locked home screen is also possible. You can send messages; communicate via Skype, Whtsapp, email, Viber, Gmail, etc. Launch the camera or any other picture related application like instagram, mobile, etc. Read your personalized Content which is streamed in a preview.

Lock Screen App

Lock Screen App-Android Lock Screen App  Lock Screen App-Android Lock Screen App

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An easy-to-use lock screen app for your Android! There is no more need to use the power button to lock your device, just install this app and lock your device with just a tap.

WidgetLocker Lockscreen

WidgetLocker Lockscreen-Android Lock Screen App  WidgetLocker Lockscreen-Android Lock Screen App

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The widget locker is a type of screen lock substitute which gives you a control of the look, layout and feel of the screen lock. You can easily drag and drop the placing of the sliders, android widgets and the shortcuts to the App. Sliders look very selectable from the built in styles or from the user themes.

The actions of the slider may be customized, for instance the slide to launch camera and slide to call on a particular number. The resizable widgets and the custom size of the grid and the badges of notification on the apps are very useful.

Lock Screen Customizer Free

Lock Screen Customizer Free-Android Lock Screen App  Lock Screen Customizer Free-Android Lock Screen App

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This application is useful for creating a specialized screen unlock which enhances the security. When anyone tries to mess up with the phone, they might think that the phone is locked and it is only you who can unlock it but actually it is very easy. You can keep your private data safe and secure. It offers more than 20 type of lock and unlock themes which include voice recognition, fingerprint scanning, alpha numeric password protection, digital safe keypad, simple tap unlock, etc.

NiLS Notifications Lock Screen

NiLS Notifications Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App  NiLS Notifications Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App

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NilS is a screen widget which has been developed for Android, 4.2 which shows all incoming/outgoing notifications like messages, mails, call log, Face book alerts, Whatsapp messages and a lot more. Other features of the app include a Bulletin Clock  which is Android 4.2 clock, with date and alarm appearing above list of notifications,

highly customizable app which means that you can easily alter anything so that it looks exactly like you want it, full content notification which displays the whole content from the expanded notifications like messages sender’s name, whole body of the mail, conversations of the Whatsapp, etc, an action bar, persistent notifications, multiple presets appearance, etc.

Lock Screen 7

Lock Screen 7-Android Lock Screen App  Lock Screen 7-Android Lock Screen App

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It is a very fast, responsive and very easy to use app. You just need to drag for unlocking. Just drag down and then hold the mute button. If you face any trouble with the screen lock for android then you can download the No Lock app which will help you in fixing the problem.

Quick Launch Social Lockscreen

Quick Launch Social Lockscreen-Android Lock Screen App  Quick Launch Social Lockscreen-Android Lock Screen App

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It is an ultimate screen lock for all the instant access requirements. With this app you can add the social feeds to the screen lock including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the screen lock itself.


MiLocker-Android Lock Screen App  MiLocker-Android Lock Screen App

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MiLocker is a very powerful App for unlocking the screen. You can easily change the style of the lock screen. You can use side slip, vertical slip, multiple points, and many other types of unlocking systems.

Shake To Lock Screen

Shake To Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App  Shake To Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App

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With this app, you can lock the screen by just shaking your phone. It saves a lot of battery of your phone. Other useful features of the app include direct sleep mode access by a normal shake, it helps killing the opened tasks while the screen switches off, you can easily adjust the sensibility of phone’s sensor, etc.

Simply Lockscreen

Simply Lockscreen-Android Lock Screen App  Simply Lockscreen-Android Lock Screen App

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Simply Lock screen is a screen lock alternate which is very fast, beautiful and functional. It shows time, location, weather, battery, current song, music player, settings of the volume and the calendar events all in a pretty and futuristic interface.

WP7Lock Lite

WP7Lock Lite-Android Lock Screen App  WP7Lock Lite-Android Lock Screen App

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This app is the donate version which has all the unlocking features and a lot more.


91Locker-Android Lock Screen App  91Locker-Android Lock Screen App

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91 very smart screen lock, is screen lock software which has been designed specifically for mobiles like Andrews, and is very simple as well as practical.

Bubble Lock Screen

Bubble Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App  Bubble Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App

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Bubble lock screen is an innovatively crafted colorful leaf which has water drops on it. This lock screen is absolutely free and will give your Smartphone a whole new appearance.

Happy New Year Lock Screen

Happy New Year Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App  Happy New Year Lock Screen-Android Lock Screen App

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Happy New Year lock screen is, 3D design wallpaper designed for Smartphone. This 2013 Locker is absolutely free of cost and doesn’t only change the look of the screen but also gives it a Look of the iPhone. .