This is one of the effective ways of promoting a movie. It’s a win-win situation for both, the users and the producers, as it helps them promote their movie and on the other hand users are enjoying the game.Audience will get a hang of the character, as they keep playing these games. This will make them watch the movie.

Sometimes it even works the other way round, like what happened with movies like Despicable Me 2 and The Dark Knight Rises, were audience get connected with the movie so much that they would want to buy an action figure or a poster, but when they got to play games like minion rush and TDKR they really got attached to it. Here we can see the way these game apps make a huge impact. We have 2 new movie game apps that came out recently.


Thor: TDW – The Official Game

Gameloft is giving you a chance to play as Thor, the God of Thunder. This is an action-adventure game based on the marvel character called Thor. In this game the evil dark lord called Malekith, one of the enemies of Asgard tries to destroy the nine worlds.

Thor has to fight all creatures and monsters which are sent to destroy him.  You have to play earn bonus and keep upgrading your armor and it has this cool feature when you upgrade your armor you get a hammer.

It gets better and better every time you upgrade. You have to fight and make sure you clear the arena leaving no monsters alive. It’s a very good opportunity for the fans to play as Thor and experience the character.

This game is pretty big takes around 1.6 GB of your memory. You will need good internet speed to download it and make sure that you kill other tasks before you run this game, as people have face little issues. It’s on play store for free.

Thor: TDW - The Official Game

Download Free Thor: TDW – The Official Game App

Ice Age Village

This is one of the most awaited games on play store. After watching the movie audience needed something like this to stay connected with the characters.

Here you get to interact with all the ice age characters and they will give you the tasks and lead you to quests and missions. You get to make your own village design and arrange things the way you want and give shelter to all the creatures.

You will unlock new animal species uniquely designed buildings and decorations as you get level up. You can also let your friends join you and see who can build the best building in the village.

It has a smooth interface and it has a lot of activities which will keep you stick to it for long time. You also get frequent updates, so every time you update the game you will have something new. It’s a small game when you install it but the updates take time. The good thing is that it’s for free.

Ice Age Village

Download Free Ice Age Village App