If you are a Virgin Media’s customer, you already know that you can connect to thousands of different Wi-Fi hotspots in different parts of the United Kingdom. You are even able to make landline calls and watch your favorite TV show right from your Android Smart Phone.


Until recently, iOS users have never had access to Wi-Fi Buddy. Fortunately, the app that was once available for Android users only is now available for access by iPhone Smart Phone users. The coming of this app to iOS App Store is truly great news to many if Good News is not a good enough word to use here.

The iPhone Smart Phone users can now gain access to over 22,000 Hotspots once they have the app installed in their iPhone. Once the app detects a Wi-Fi hotspot, it is going to connect a user online automatically, without the need to use a username and a password.

Virgin Media WiFi Buddy Download for iOS