The social video platform has got another new competitor! The folks behind Youtube have revealed a new app called MixBit for iOS users. This app is specially designed for those who love to create, remix and share videos.

MixBit MixBit app

MixBit differs from the 2 top video apps, Instagram and Vine. The only resemblance is that they all are mobile apps and allows users to press and hold the screen to capture a video. Instagram and Vine only lets users to capture 15-second and 6-second video clips respectively. Interestingly, MixBit allows you record 16-sec videos.

As the name specifies, MixBit is all about blending and editing videos. Both the web and mobile versions are aimed at making it much simple to clip and join the videos together from multiple sources. The effective tools available within the app let you edit 16 of seconds video clips and mix up to 256 clips into an hourlong video, which can be then shared on Facebook, Google+, MixBit official website, or Twitter.

MixBit for ios MixBit ios app

The app also allows you to snip and remix any video clips that are shared publicly. Under each video, you will find a timeline that represents the native video snippets that were used to create this video.

Currently, this app is only available for iOS users. Android version will be launched in the coming weeks.

iOS users can download the MixBit app from the Apple Apple Store. This app is available for free and works with devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.