Do! – The Best Simple To Do List is a succinct App developed by the NewsU1 for iphone and ipad device users. With this latest App, now you can organize your entire To Do list in less time.

The App has an top-notch users interface that helps the user to select and figure it out without any instructions. The users need to make only two clicks to create a new to-do list. On opening the App, you can find a tap” add a new task” on clicking which you can make your own task.

News u1 App

There are certain new features in the App, users thinking to enter a new task can set specific date for all your tasks. The calendar option available in the App that list out tasks of every month and it even allows the users to set desired colour label for all favourite items.

Newsu1 iPhone App

Apart from these essential features, users can now add alerts and remainder to the created tasks. It’s helpful for the individuals with less memory who requires someone to remind them about their tasks that are to be executed either at work place or at home.

To protect all their tasks list, users can now set a password and the App even supports auto sorting. The App is available Apple’s App store.