Rovio has finally come out with a new variant of its popular game-Angry Birds. This new variant is called Angry Birds Stella and has been released globally. The good news here is that this game will be available across Ios, Android, Nook, Amazon Fire and Blackberry Operating systems.


Angry Birds Stella is a free to download and play game which is basically a female-focused spinoff on the original variant of the app.  In this particular game, Stella and her friends will try to save Golden Island from the villain whose name is Gale.  Some other villains in this game include the famous green piggies. The new thing about this game is its new take on the slingshot action.  Moreover, even the animations have been worked on and improved.

In Angry Birds Stellar, users can track Stella’s stolen scrapbook. This scrapbook can be used to unlock the new qualities of the character as the game keeps moving forward.  It can also be used to collect the achievements. This game also allows users to bring in some new characters via the Tele pods feature.  The game comes in different memory sizes for different OS platforms but is more or less within 50 MB of space.

Angry Birds Stella Download for iOS App (free)

Angry Birds Stella Download for Android App (free)

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Angry Birds Stella Download for Blackberry (free)