Audyssey, the makers of Audyssey lower east side dock air speaker has now launched an Audyssey media player (AMP) App exclusively for iphone and ipad devices. The App makes use of the AMP technology to calibrate or stream music for your specific pair of headphones or ear buds. Songza is a similar music streaming service is the first music company to use this technology.


This App has inbuilt setting for 200 types of head phones listed out by the Audyssey company which includes Monster, beat and V-Moda etc. Users can simply choose the model of their headphones and access to a specific profile through their headphones.

The App has an equalizer that allows the users to make desired adjustments to their iTunes playlist. In addition to that , AMP can be even used with Songza, a top streaming music service that makes play lists depending on the day , time, mood and activity carried out by the listener. Though there are huge number of smart phones that have special inbuilt audio technology to enhance the sound quality of the music. The Audyssey is planning to test its AMP player before releasing in to the web market.

Audyssey App

The AMP technology actually makes use of studio recording levels to deliver the optimal sound output and manages tonal based depending on the volume range set by the user. The App is now available at Apple’s official store: