BBC has recently revamped its salient iPlayer Radio app, bringing the most-anticipated support for podcast downloads. This update is available across iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire devices.

BBC iPlayer Radio

Now the latest version of the app allows users to download podcasts under a new ‘My Downloads’ section to listen later, even in the absence of internet connection. Both the Amazon Kindle and Android users will have this section under the main menu, whereas the iOS users will have it under the ‘More’ menu. Start downloading your favorite podcasts to listen them online/offline!

In addition, users can also queue up the further podcasts and control if they want it to download through WiFi-only.

Furthermore, the iOS version has received some under-the-hood enhancements and few minor changes to make sure that the app is working smoothly on Apple’s iOS 7 OS.

While the Android users will have a quick play option in the notification bar. Moreover, users will also have the ability to monitor download activity through this navigation bar.

BBC iPlayer Radio download link for iOS (free)

BBC iPlayer Radio download link for Android (free)