Finally, the most-awaited BBC Sport app lands on Kindle Fire! This app serves as a sports guide, which lets users to keep track of all the news in the sporting world, including stats, videos and many more.

BBC Sport

Currently, the Kindle Fire version is only available to users who stay in the UK, but it will be rolling out internationally in future. This app works similar to the iOS and Android versions, allowing users to keep up-to-date with live scores, news and more.

BBC Sport app

To coincide with this release, the team behind BBC Sports has also updated iOS and Android apps. Both the versions have received the same update.

Here’s the changelog of iOS and Android versions:

  • Ability to customize the app by adding quick links to the most preferred football teams.
  • Refreshed indexes for multiple sports, including football, snooker, athletics and cycling.

Even the just released Kindle version also supports the ‘quick links’ feature, which provides the ability to tell the app which sports you love the most and then swiftly switch to them.

Quick links also serves as a filter for sport’s news feed, showing information corresponding to whichever teams and clubs are of interest.

This app completely captivates you if you are a sports fan. You can download the Kindle Fire version from here.

While the iOS and Android users can download the updated version from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.