At last, BlackBerry has unveiled its prominent Messenger app on iOS and Android platforms! The app is now live in Apple App Store, Play Store as well as in the exclusive Samsung App Stores, and people can grab it for free.

BBMBBM appBBM for ios and android

BBM was originally set to launch on September for Android and iOS, however both the launches were halted for some reasons. And now, the company has officially launched the app on both the platforms.

According to the company, 6 million people have signed up to know about the app’s release and it reports that nearly 1 million Android users were employing the unreleased version of the app for Android.

Here’s the BBM roll out details:

  • Download the app for your Android/iOS device.
  • Then install the app, open it and feed your email address.
  • After then you will be sent an email specifying when you are next in line to access the app.

When you finally get the access, you will get a prompt to create a BlackBerry ID and enter your personal information. If you have already used the app before, your contact details will automatically populate. If not, you will have to invite people.

If you sign up on the official BlackBerry’s Messenger site, you are allowed to access the app immediately without having to wait in the line.

The company says that the Samsung users in Sub-Sahara Africa can grab the app from the Samsung App Store. While the iOS and Android users (in Africa) can grab the app in the next 3 days’ time.

BBM release is definitely a great news for those who have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on the app.

iOS and Android users can grab the app from the link given below.

BBM download link for iOS (free)

BBM download link for Android (free)