If you like playing chess, you will love this Chess Free game. This game is developed by AI Factory Limited. It has a challenging gameplay and uses a Treebeard Chess Engine. You can play this game against the computer or your friends.

Chess Free

When you initially get into the game, you will find a main menu which allows you to choose single player or 2 player game mode. If you go to the options, you can customize your game board by altering the types of chess pieces and board type. You find several options in the game such as CPU thinking, legal moves and many. When coming to the match settings, you can select a color, handicap, timer and your level of difficulty that is from 1 to 10. When you are done with customizing all the settings and options, you can enjoy playing the game.

Chess Free App

The Treebeard Chess Engine consists of human like features like playing strongly when losing. This game is mostly aimed for novice players and beginners. The game supports full screen view and trackball feature. You can review your game steps and see how you won the game.

Chess Free Review

This is a free to play game which is ad supported. These ads are not that annoying. If you don’t want these ads, you can buy ad free version. The animations, graphics and sound are of high quality. The wooden board present in this game is very catchy. The size of the chessboard is perfect, it doesn’t look too small and the chess pieces can be seen clearly. Install this app and have a great fun with variety of chess boards, chess pieces and challenges!

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