Cut the Rope is a beautiful physics-based puzzle game. This is an interesting and addictive game with several exciting and challenging levels. The game consists of simple rules and easy controls.

Cut the Rope App Review

In this game you find a cute, little monster called Om Nom who is utterly hungry for candies. Your main goal here is to feed that little monster with the candy. But a twist in this game is you can’t just directly feed the candy! Candy is tied to a rope. You have to cut the rope, overcome all the obstacles and feed your little monster to clear every level. If you fail to feed your monster, you should retry the level until you feed him. Are you ready for the challenge?

Cut the Rope Game Review

Besides feeding your monster, you also have gold stars to collect in each level. Collecting the stars is optional but they will be added to your score. These stars turn the game into a challenging one. If you miss a star in any level, you can play that level again and again to collect all the stars. Get high score, collect as many stars as you can, find out the hidden prizes, and unlock new levels!

Cut the Rope Review

This game has got colorful graphics of high quality and good sound effects. When you start playing the game, you feel it’s easy, but as you get deep into the game, you get more tricky levels where you have to put all your skills and get through the game. Grab this fun-filled game and feed your poor little monster!

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