Dashboard for Twitter is a new account management app available for Twitter users. It allows the users of Twitter to access their account and gain full control on the account by using logical filters.

The App is exclusively designed for iPad users, with its unique and easy-to-use user interface users can control the followers or people whom your are following and helps in increasing your follower’s number.

Dashboard for twitter App

With increase in the follower’s number, it becomes difficult for twitter users to manage their account. This unique account management app will enable the users to view everything in a single page without any confusion.

Dashboard for twitter iOS App

 Salient features of twitter App:

  • Comprises a logical user interface that makes navigation quite easy
  • Users can compose and send tweets to friends
  • Users can tap either on bulk follow or bulk unfollow
  • Track the people on twitter who are not following you back
  • Find out the followers who are following you
  • Apply different filters to control your followers
  • Make use of the logical tactics to increase your follower’s count.

Dashboard for Twitter released by Clayton Gate Apps is it’s second App and it is gearing up to release three other new Apps in the coming years.

The Dashboard for Twitter 1.0 is available for free to iPad users at the iTunes App store under social networking section.

Open the link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dashboard-for-twitter/id594414641?mt=8 to download this free App.