Descent, an action packed game for iPhone device users. The game involves a long warrior who has to fight against a series of dungeons and fortresses.

Players can earn gold by winning fights and finishing area levels. The fight itself involves dragging a finger against two or more matching tiles. The game play associated with Descent resembles Puzzle craft or Dungeon raid.

Descent iPhone game

 The core elements and idea behind developing Descent game is to provide enough entertainment and make players to think through tile-matching puzzles. With little improvements made to the game will aid players to destroy and defend as the game progresses to next levels.

Descent iPhone gaming App

 It’s fun to play this game though it has poor animations. It captivates the players attraction with different kinds of puzzles that players come across while playing the game. The progression of the game is bit slow while fighting at initial level and even at higher levels of the game.

Descent game should undergo certain improvements to make it more attractive for the players who choose to play this game.

The App is specially designed for iPhone users but it even works fine on iPad, iPod touch and devices that have iOS 4.3 or later.

To download this App for $2.99, open iTunes App store or visit the link